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SIGMA SPORT®: ANT+ Brand Leader Award
SIGMA SPORT receives the ANT+ Brand Leader Award

SIGMA SPORT has been presented with the ANT+ Brand Leader Award by the international ANT+ Alliance. This award honors outstanding communication about ANT+ transmission technology. In explaining their decision, the international judging panel, which consisted of members of the ANT+ Alliance, stated that SIGMA SPORT communicated and presented ANT+ as a central topic at both the Eurobike and the Interbike in its first year as a member of the ANT+ Alliance.

ANT+ is a protected wireless network protocol for the 2.4 Ghz ISM band. This transmission technology has been developed by the Canadian company Dynastream since 2004. The benefits of ANT+ transmission technology include fast and secure data transfer between a sensor and a receiver at a rate of 20 kpbs (kilobytes per second). The transmission range is optimized for use in the sports sector (Personnel Area Network – PAN). A further benefit is the low level of power/energy required for the transmission. This low-power wireless technology is now used for transmission purposes by most power meters for bikes. In 2013, SIGMA SPORT also introduced ANT+ technology for communication between the sensors and the bike computer in the ROX 10.0 GPS. SIGMA SPORT’s first bike computer with GPS can be used with its own heart rate, speed, and cadence transmitters as well as with the ANT+ compatible power meter. The SIGMA SPORT ANT+ technology has been licensed by Dynastream and has now received the prestigious ANT+ Brand Leader Award from the ANT+ Alliance.
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