Team Ghost Factory Racing
SIGMA SPORT accompanied the women’s Team Ghost Factory Racing with the current Cross-Country German Champion Helen Grobert and the ROX 10.0 GPS at the World Cup in Albstadt. See for yourself how such a race weekend runs...

is a powerful software program to evaluate statictics and training sessions on a PC, Mac, or tablet.
What is the SIGMA CLOUD?
A software that stores all training data from heart rate to calories burned to lap times from several SIGMA devices, all in one central location. In the SIGMA CLOUD

RC MOVE - Move to run smarter
In a short video product manager Daniel Conka provides you with the many highlights, features and applications of the RC MOVE.

PC 26.14
The heart rate monitor that is just as beautiful as it is functional. In this short video, our Product Manager presents the highlights of the PC 26.14.

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A new generation of bike computers: MySpeedy
Say goodbye to standardized design in the world of bike computers: By launching the new and unique MySpeedy, SIGMA SPORT is expanding its current selection to include a diverse range of smart, customizable, and cool speedometers.

Nine different models with bright and different designs, the practical handlebar bracket with the simplest twist adjustment, and the wireless transmission make MySpeedy the trendiest style object on any bike handlebars.

SIGMA SPORT is venturing into new territory with this new bike computer model range. MySpeedy comes in the versions Camouflage, Sweety, Herbie, Evil Eye, Stars & Stripes, Dots, Aloha, Pow!, and Skull and displays the speed, ride time, ride distance, and total distance. The large, round computer display only shows one value at a time and is brilliantly legible. Cool: On waking up from standby mode before a ride, MySpeedy greets the user with a customizable ‘face’. Whether a skull and crossbones, smiley or bunny, one of eleven motifs shows that the computer is switching to active mode.

With just one single operating button, MySpeedy is not only extremely easy but also great fun to use. The function indicators automatically scroll from right to left. Graphical animations make it easier to use and set the computer. Almost the entire menu navigation is language free. Explanatory function icons on the display, such as a tacho, clock, and road, illustrate the display modes. The settings menu has its own animation sequence and is clear and comprehensible thanks to the navigation items.

No annoying cables: The technology is naturally wireless. The speed signal is sent from the transmitter to the computer on the handlebars by ATS (analog transmission system).

Simply brilliant: the computer’s button cell battery lasts for more than four years and can be independently replaced by users. Of course, the MySpeedy is watertight and highly robust. The embedded display is outstandingly and effectively protected against scratches by the clearly protruding edge. MySpeedy is simply great fun to use and fits on any bike handlebars.
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