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This new rechargeable battery technology is an enhanced form of the NiMH rechargeable batteries that were previously used..
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New handlebar bracket for the ROX 10.0 GPS
Promotion: free upgrade for all users
SIGMA SPORT has developed a new handlebar bracket for its top bike computer model, the
ROX 10.0 GPS. All newly purchased GPS bike computers in this model now come with the new, optimized bracket, which also stands out from the old brackets by means of its red and black design. Customers who already use the ROX 10.0 GPS can obtain a free upgrade from SIGMA SPORT.
All ROX 10.0 GPS owners can register online at and enter their address. Shortly after, they will receive the new bracket free of charge by mail.

SIGMA SPORT’s product managers not only work on new product innovations but also on the permanent development of the existing product range. In this case, the opportunity arose to optimize the handlebar bracket specially for the ROX 10.0 GPS. This will therefore solely function as a bracket for the ROX 10.0 and cannot be used for the ROX 5.0, ROX 6.0, ROX 8.0, ROX 8.1, ROX 9.0, ROX 9.1. To prevent a loss of your device, we advise you to only use that new and optimized bracket.

The promotion will initially take place for an unlimited period.
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