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Up-close camera footage of the Bulls team
The mission is clear: “To shoot a video of the Bulls team and the new ROX 10.0 GPS in the training camp in South Africa”. SIGMA SPORT has partnered the team since it was first created back in 2007 and supports the professionals with all their technical equipment in the field of bike computers.

The riders received the new SIGMA ROX 10.0 GPS shortly before setting off to South Africa and can now use the remainder of the pre-season training period to get used to the device ready for a successful start to the new season. This time, we wanted to get up close with the live action so as to record the initial responses to the product and, of course, take a look behind the scenes at the team.

The training program included the three-day ‘Tankwa Trek’ stage race, which meant the first tough practical test for the SIGMA ROX 10.0 GPS under real MTB race conditions. We are pleased to say it passed with flying colors. As the team has only been using the new ROX 10.0 GPS for a new days, the ‘lads’ were just as excited as we were! The following video montage shows you the riders’ opinions of the ROX and their initial reports on its use.

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