Ready to use accu technology
This new rechargeable battery technology is an enhanced form of the NiMH rechargeable batteries that were previously used..
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The IICON – the portable power supply for universal use – is now available from retailers
The new IICON, the universal USB charging adapter from SIGMA SPORT, is now available from retailers. The IICON turns the IION or IION XL rechargeable battery into a universal energy source for all USB-chargeable devices. Whatever your location, the handy, bright red adapter, which will never be lost or forgotten, makes it possible to recharge smartphones, digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS devices, bike lights, pocket torches, and other such devices that comply with the USB standard (5V/500mA).

A red control LED on the housing indicates when the rechargeable battery is connected and ready for use. The SIGMA-typical simple, tool-free attachment and compact watertight housing make the IICON, together with the IION rechargeable batteries, an essential piece of outdoor equipment for all adventurers.

The IICON is now available from retailers for an RRP of £19,95.
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